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leeds nuffield specialist foot & ankle clinic

Leeds Nuffield specialist foot & ankle clinic

Mark Farndon offers regular opportunites for consultation and treatment via a Leeds Nuffield specialist foot & ankle clinic which will now be available weekly from December 2017.

Specialist Foot and Ankle Surgeon Leeds Harrogate Yorkshire

Private consultation and treatment are available in Leeds at the Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital. With an outstanding CQC inspection result, the excellent facilities are easily accessible close to Leeds city centre.

You can find more information here about Mark Farndon’s work at Leeds Nuffield: https://www.nuffieldhealth.com/consultants/mr-mark-a-farndon

Easy access to efficient specialist imaging facilities means that additional tests such as ultrasound, CT and MRI scanning are readily available.

For more information, or to book a consultation please phone 0113 388 2189.


ankle replacement surgery in leeds and harrogate

Ankle replacement surgery in Leeds and Harrogate

Mark Farndon is a experienced foot and ankle surgeon specialising in arthroscopic ankle fusion and total ankle replacement surgery in Leeds and Harrogate.

You can read some patient experiences here:

Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust are participating in the national Arthritis UK OARS Study, collecting patient outcome data in individuals undergoing total ankle replacement surgery.

OARS study

Read more at http://markfarndon.com/research/harrogate-joins-oars-study/

Mark Farndon and David Lavalette have consistently used the Corin Zenith Total Ankle Replacement with good results.

You can read more about this prosthesis by following this link:


You can download a patient information booklet by following this link:





Pre-op prior to revision syndesmosis reconstruction

Revision syndesmosis reconstruction

After falling several hundred feet whilst climbing near Chamonix, Phil Burgess sustained injuries to his neck, back and ankle. His spinal injuries were treated successfully conservatively with bracing. His ankle injury was treated promptly with surgery in France, though the reconstruction of the ankle joint and syndesmosis was inadequate, necessitating revision syndesmosis reconstruction.

Phil sought a second opinion following his return to the UK, six weeks after the initial accident and surgery. Revision reconstruction of the syndesmosis was advised.

“I suffered a severe dislocation after a major climbing fall in the Alps. My ankle was pinned but unsuccessfully by medics in France and after a period of delay I turned to Mark for a second opinion. He was clear that I needed further immediate revision syndesmosis surgery, explained the action fully and accelerated my procedure to suit my personal circumstances.

The operation has given me the best possible chance of normal ankle use.
Mark kept me fully informed and his admin team were also brilliant in support. I can’t thank Mark and his team enough.”
Removal of metalwork, open reduction of the syndesmosis and repair of the deltoid ligament and stabilisation with a combination of screw and suture button ‘tightrope’ fixation were required.


Intra-op XR showing reconstruction of the syndesmosis