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Complex ankle injury and fractured talus

I was assigned to Mark Farndon when I fell 9ft through a ceiling and severely injured my ankle and foot.  I sustained a fractured talus bone, and also broke my tibia and fibula.

Mark sensitively explained everything to me and emphasised that this had been a very serious break. He pointed out the worst outcome so that I was prepared from the start.

Luckily I didn’t need to have my ankle fused and Mark did an excellent job in rebuilding my ankle.  With many months of healing and physio I am now able to walk without a limp and can do most sports.  The scars I have are very minimal too.

Since my initial surgery I have seen Mark to see how we can still improve upon the mobility of the ankle.  He has always been very helpful with suggestions and always explains everything thoroughly.  I am very grateful to him for all that he has done.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending him to anyone who needs ankle surgery.

All the best!
Kind regards.