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midfoot arthritis

Midfoot arthritis

My experience of Mr Farndon’s orthopaedic expertise has been health care at its finest. He’s approachable, understanding, highly professional and an expert in his field of surgery.

I’d suffered many years of excruciating foot pain due to midfoot arthritis and duly acquired a pronounced, progressive limp. My sporty, active life was over. However, a thorough consultation with Mr Farndon led to midfoot surgery, which has given me back a life I thought had long gone.

With very little loss of movement in my toes from the surgery, I’m now comfortably on my feet all day, which includes daily walks of up to 8 miles with my dog; I have no limp anymore and am walking like a ‘normal,’ pain-free human being.

This gift of painless mobility is immeasurable. Thank you Mr Farndon!