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revision forefoot surgery

Revision forefoot surgery after multiple previous operations

In 2014 after 3 years of many hospital appointments, three different specialists and three failed operations on my foot, I was referred to Consultant Mark Farndon for an opinion regarding revision forefoot surgery.

Mr Farndon was very compassionate and understanding of what I had already been through whilst at the same time keen to try and resolve my problem. I believe he saw my problem as a challenge and was not about to give up on me as others had done previously.

At each consultation Mr Farndon explained everything fully, advised me of my options and was honest about potential results. I have had two operations since on my foot which have been successful. Each time the surgery has been performed with minimum discomfort leaving a very neat and barely visible scar.

The care and attention I received was excellent throughout. Although I have now been discharged Mr Farndon reassured me that if I had any further problems he would be more than happy to treat me again.

Thanks again.