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bunion (hallux valgus) surgery

Bunion surgery in Leeds & Harrogate

Hallux valgus (bunions) can be extremely painful. A thorough assessment &  discussion of your options, including corrective treatment with bunion surgery in Leeds & Harrogate is available with Mark Farndon privately at the following locations:

Nuffield Health Hospital Leeds (0113 388 2189)

2 Leighton Street, Leeds, LS1 3EB



BMI The Duchy Hospital, Harrogate (01423 554411)

Queens Road, Harrogate, HG2 0HF


The Harlow Suite, Harrogate (01423 555430)

Lancaster Park Road, Harrogate, HG2 7SX

NHS treatment is available at Harrogate District Hospital via a referral from your GP.

Weight bearing xrays showing hallux valgus, with increased intermetatarsal angles and uncovering of the sesamoids.

The diagram below shows the normal soft tissue balance around the big toe joint and the imbalanced bone and soft tissues that exist when a bunion is present. A combination of bony and soft tissue surgery is used to achieve correction.

Post-operative xrays showing bilateral (simultaneous) bunion correction using scarf osteotomies to cut and reset the metatarsals. The intermetatarsal angles are corrected to normal range, the sesamoids are reduced beneath the metatarsal heads and the hallux valgus is corrected.

bunion surgery in leeds & harrogate

This surgery is usually undertaken as a day case procedure, under a brief general anaesthetic, with a long acting ankle nerve block to keep the foot comfortable.

After bunion surgery in Leeds & Harrogate undertaken by Mark Farndon, patients are allowed to weight bear in a protective Podalux shoe immediately after surgery, though are advised to elevate the foot / feet as much as possible for the first two weeks to allow wound healing and to let any swelling settle.