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Chronic navicular stress fractures, EFORT, 2015

We presented this unusual case as a podium presentation to the EFORTĀ  Annual Congress in Prague, May 29th 2015. Chronic navicular stress fractures were diagnosed in an individual referred for an opinion regarding longstanding ankle pain.

Sequential fixation using calcaneal bone graft was undertaken, successfully treating the patient’s pain and symptoms, allowing a return to full function.

Bilateral chronic navicular stress fractures are uncommon and infrequently reported, particularly in a non-athletic population. A brief review of the literature and presentation of the surgical tecnique employed in the treatment of this patient were described.

The axial CT image demonstrates the chronic navicular stress fractures clearly.

The subsequent XR images demonstrate the post-operative appearances after fixation using 2 double pitched titanium cannulated screws. The bone graft harvest from the ipsilateral calcaneum can also be seen on the lateral XR.

efort-2014bilateral chronic navicular stress fracturesnavic2 navic1